936 hours, Lemon Sherbet and things God says you don’t want to hear.

22 09 2010

My name is Glenna and I’m a delinquent blogger. It’s been 23 days since my last confession.

There is a good reason though I promise. I’ve been processing some things that directly effect the recent subject matter of my blog. Here is a stolen glimpse through a lamp lit window into my last few weeks.

You’re night is going pretty normal, if you’re me that means you are reading on the couch with a cat perched somewhere on your person. Then you get a text. It says  “I was just talking to God about you and he gave me words for you, but I’m not sure you’ll like it. Can I call you?”

Well two things immediately happen in my brain. One -Oh great God wants me to join a interpretive dance team. and Two- I’m so blessed to have a friend that gives his time talking to God about me.

So my friend/brother of my heart Rob calls me. He says he was praying for me about this singleness thing and about the devastation my heart went through after moving to Kentucky.  The conversation was full of laughter, as it always is, but mostly him telling me the words he felt God gave him for me. Basically it boiled down to a simple message.  One that brought me back to the Nooma series video “Rain”. The story there is that a father is carrying his very young child through a torrential downpour and thunderstorm while hiking home. The child was screaming and terrified and the father  said the whole way home he just held him so tight to his heart and whispered “Ive got you buddy, We’re gonna make it, Daddy knows the way home.”

The words my friend  Rob had for me were sort of  like that. It was something to the effect of stop worrying. I’ve put a call in your heart, seek me and listen to my words in your heart. I’ve got this. You don’t need to worry. I know the desires of your heart. I’ve got this.  What you went through was awful, but it brought you to a community of faith, friendships with purpose and love, and most importantly into a more dynamic relationship with me. So Stop worrying. Let all that go. I’ve got this, you’ll make it where you want to be because I know the way.

Interestingly enough a week before that, shortly after writing my last blog I got a less clear version of this message in my prayer time. For me it came across as, you want my help with this midwife thing, you trust me with that, trust me with the rest of this too. So the call from Rob was a confirmation. I said ok Lord. I’m yours.

It’s not that I was in any way “worried” about this particular date. My worry was more broad spectrum of being 29 and having friends and family younger than me getting married and having babies and has left me  feeling  like I had missed my chances.

So. I made the decision to shut down the internet dating thing 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve  told my friends/fellow participants in the date scheme  about this message and that I wasn’t sure if I would make our deadline since I would no longer be actively pursuing that goal or worried about it.

Don’t lose heart yet reader. There are still others in the running that are sure to provide us with entertainment and hope.

The first one I told you about , has now been on several dates and I think it’s safe to say that their friendship is blooming. The second of the original three is being stubborn but I haven’t lost hope for her yet. And me? Maybe it will happen for me too.

Before I wrap this manifesto up I have a secret to share. We decided (or I mandated) that there should be a code word at the beginning of this that we would use if we had a date and it went well. It was “Lemon Sherbet” .  It would be posted on the social network of choice and/or texted. Feel free to share this with your friends and be on the lookout for posts regarding frozen treats. At least for the next 936 hours until Halloween.




4 responses

22 09 2010
Ashley Peacock

Lemon Sherbet was also the password to get into Dumbledore’s office.

22 09 2010

well technically it was “sherbet lemon”. But yes. That was no random accident. I’m a geek.

22 09 2010

oh u make me smile 🙂

23 09 2010

It took me a solid 45 seconds to figure out who “Joan” was. You are so silly.

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