Typhoid Mary sings the Blues

4 10 2010

St. Elizabeths Emergency Room is not someplace you want to spend much time in. The lighting is terrible and harsh, it smells funny and it’s likely you will be surrounded by trauma and/or insanity. I’ve been there twice in the past two weeks.  The medical jury is apparently still out on what ails me. Regardless of my lack of diagnosis it’s been a rough couple of weeks that I’ve mostly survived by having great friends and lot’s of prayer.

So I’m apologizing for my lack of blogging and keeping you all updated on the goings on.

Truth be told there isn’t much to tell. Still haven’t been on my date, although I have a several very good excuses. The least of which being that no one has asked me.  Also the other original musketeer remains dateless. The third, the one who took the invisible prize early on, is still seeing the same boy.

Since God told me not to worry about it I’m not.

But I thought I’d share this instead. My friend Megan C. is also writing a blog right now about dating. (You can find the link to your right) Her most recent entry is about going on a date with someone much shorter than her and her insecurities about such a thing. I myself am also a tall girl and have shared the same insecurity for most of my life, and yet through some comical twist of fate seem to end up falling for guys all under 6’0. It’s taught me over time that the superficial things we dream of as younger women seem to fall away as we get older. Not because we are more desperate, but because I think we start to prioritize our needs differently. Don’t get me wrong, there is still part of me that wants tall , dark and handsome Mr. Darcy to come strolling across the moor to tell me he can’t live without me. But I think I know now that my Mr.Darcy may not be all of those things. That the parts of Mr.Darcy I really love are his honesty, integrity, devotion and willingness to give of himself to others without request. So the packaging is just that. Just fluff holding in the things I want to fall in love with. Can I live without the tall , dark and handsome bits? Probably. Although the handsomeness is usually something that can grow with admiration of other qualities.

So dear readers, what’s the packaging you can’t live without? Have you overlooked someone simply because they were too skinny, too fat, too short, not enough hair ? Does God maybe have that perfect someone out there for you that you wouldn’t give a second glance to because their hair color isn’t what you’ve always liked. So as my first BFF Megan C says maybe it’s time to start looking a little harder and give people a little more than a quick once over and brush off.

Just my thoughts. If they don’t seem as fluid as usual, blame the Vicodin.

PS- 27 days left.




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5 10 2010

Thanks so much for the shout out! XO

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