Lemon Sherbet- In brief.

19 10 2010

This post could contain things it doesn’t. It also doesn’t contain things it probably should.  Here is my general broad statement for you all before I digress into the fray, Be cautious, guard your heart and always carry a knife in your car. Ok that last part I didn’t really need but seriously, the world is full of  instability and less than stable people.  Chances are you will date at least one of them.

On to the goods!!

Things are looking good for the three dating musketeers. So far two out of three have had at least one date before deadline and word on the wire is there is something promising out there for number three.

It might actually happen. We might actually accomplish this mission.

As much as I would love to share with you all the delicious details spilled between girls about all the dates, I can’t. But I can share with you a brief glimpse into one of mine.

To say I was nervous wouldn’t give light to the true nature of the feelings coursing through me. Dating again? Me? Why am I doing this again? It’s exciting during the picking a cute outift and shoes phase. Even exciting during the driving phase of wonderment. But the part where you pull in the parking lot. That’s nothing but terror. A million questions and doubts spring into orbit behind your eyes and you become certain that your words will fail you. Mine went sorta like this.

After a slightly awkward hello the date is on.  I notice he’s attractive, more so than his picture led me to believe. This is good. He opens doors not only for me but for others and the elderly. More points. The conversation is immediately entertaining and like talking to a friend but more exciting. Almost three hours escape and you realize they probably really want you to leave the table. But you’ve had a great time talking and laughing with someone who might actually get your sense of humor. Who maybe even accept your lack of normalcy but instead of turning away might actually embrace it and laugh about it with you. He turns out to have nice manners, walks you to the car and gives you a hug. All in all, not a bad way to do this dating thing. This ginger girl had a lovely evening and is certainly feeling less wary of dating again.

Will there be a second date? Mayhaps. I guess stay tuned.




One response

21 10 2010

ummmm . . . so make with the sherbet already? i feel frozen delicious dessert deprived. this headline was false advertising and i’m telling on you.

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