Bless my heart Birthday Update

8 03 2011

Usually in the south when we start or end a statement with “Bless your/her/his heart” it’s just an excuse for saying something mean or impolite about someone. But sometimes we do mean it.

So it happened. I’m 30.  Much to my surprise I didn’t wake up that morning and discover a stranger staring back at me in the mirror. I wasn’t wrinkled or sagging any place new.

The  day was full of friends, family and delicious nomz. Also an unexpected and horrifying birthday serenade. I’m sorry if you missed that in person because the details cannot be revealed in polite company. If curiosity is killing you, meet me at Northside one thursday , buy me a Strongbow and I’ll tell you all the sordid details.

Setting aside all the pampering, face stuffing and general frivolity of the weekend , something else was going on too. My boyfriend came along and was meeting my family for the first time.  Not just the parents, but lots of family, a gaggle of friends and assortment of other characters. He got to hear my southern accent come out of hiding and heard all my favorite southern expressions including the “bless her heart”. He put up with ridicule, being called my ex’s name, and sleeping at my parents house with general good humor and the easy going attitude that is among the many reasons that he’s captured my heart. He also made sure I felt adored, beautiful and special on a day he knew would be hard for me. So yeah, he may play alot of video games, and he may never eat any of the crazy culinary concoctions I come up with, but I’m ok with that because when and where it matters,  he wins.

So there you have it. I’m thirty, unmarried and not at all where I’d thought I’d be. But I’m loved and happy. Bless my heart indeed.

Goals for Year 30 :

1. Get Healthy

2. Start Nursing School




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